FurGlo Goat Milk Powder for Cats & Kittens 500G
FurGlo Goat Milk Powder for Cats & Kittens 500G Cat Supplement Cat Penang, Nibong Tebal, Malaysia Supplier, Distributors, Manufacturer, Seller | MAXIMA FOODS MARKETING
PETAVIT CAT GOAT Milk Powder is rich with more than 14 VITAMINS & MICROELEMENTS.
With more than 14 types of vitamins and organically bound microelements,
your Furry will THANK YOU for their balanced diet.

Direction to use:
Use the scoop from the Tin, add in one scoop of powder into
40-110ml of lukewarm water. Stir until the powder is fully dissolved and the milk is ready to serve

• Suitable for new born kitten, pregnant & lactating cat, sick cats & kittens, older cat
• Lactose Free
• Natural with vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients

This formula is best fed to:
1. New born kitten (to support optimal as well as bosting natural immunity)
2. Pregnant & Lactating cat (to maintain mother cat's health after giving birth)
3. Sick cats & kittens (to boost their immunity to fight against the sickness & disease)
4. Older cats (to support their nutritional requirements for a better golden age)

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